Synamon enables people to bring their creativity to life by maximizing their ability to innovate through VR/AR/MR technologies, making a creative future into a present reality.


Making an XR Connected World

Just as the Internet and Smartphones have become commonplace in our world, we hope to create and share experiences on the same level through XR.
We are taking on the challenge of social implementation of XR technology and market creation to make XR commonplace in both business and daily life.



VR Innovation Tower "NEUTRANS" is a VR business facility that enables all business activities in a virtual space.

NEUTRANS offers immersive collaboration for your business, such as virtual offices where you can work remotely from anywhere in the world, training that enables remote and realistic experiences, exhibitions or events with real-to-life interactions, and promotion & pitch tools that allow you to tour cities with customers or review products and buildings that have yet to be developed.



We want to realize a world in which digital and analog data are fused.

The age in which technology that has long been predicted in Science Fiction, Manga, and Anime is no longer just a dream. We are on the cusp of advanced technologies such as VR coming into contact with the general public and shaping society as a whole. What was once Science Fiction is now a feasible new era.

Our goal is to expand the reach of these new technologies to the public, make these exciting new experiences available to people around the world, and increase the ease of creating these environments and tools. By doing so, we will accelerate the evolution of the world and make it a better and more connected space.

At our company, we continuously take steps to improve the convenience and adaptation of advanced technologies to society so that we can make full use of VR, AR, MR, and more with users that will benefit for an XR connected world.

- Wataru Takehi, CEO and Founder


  • Wataru Takehi

    Wataru Takehi


    Experienced in SIer sales to major manufacturers, consulting of web marketing to venture companies, launching overseas businesses, development of communication robots. Established Synamon Inc. in 2016.

  • Masayuki Nishiguchi

    Masayuki Nishiguchi


    As a top-level freelance modeler in Japan for over 10 years in the animation and video industry, he turned to a Unity engineering to develop "NEUTRANS" by fusing 3DCG and technology.

  • Yuki Takei

    Yuki Takei

    Executive Officer / VP of Business Development

    Joined Speee, an IT venture company as a new graduate, and engaged in web marketing consulting. He then traveled to the United States to complete The International Diploma Programs (IDPs) at UC Berkeley Extension. He joined Synamon in 2018 and oversees the business development and sales department of "NEUTRANS".

  • Kamada Osamu

    Kamada Osamu

    Executive Officer / CFO

    After engaging in analyst work mainly in the construction, real estate, and game industry at Tokai Tokyo Financial Holdings, he worked on domestic and overseas M & A advisory at Tokyo Star Bank. Joining Synamon in 2019, he is responsible for launching the Corporate division, raising funds and building an organizational structure.


Company Name Synamon Inc.
Established August 8th, 2016
HQ Address 7-22-17 Nishi-Gotanda TOC Building 9F Suite 1 Shinagawa, Tokyo, 141-0031
Industry/ Services VR/AR/MR Products, Content Planning, Development, and Operations.
CEO and Founder Wataru Takehi